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If beetles are causing problems in or around your home or business, contact Titan Pest & Wildlife Solutions.

Beetles can infest and damage wooden objects and structures in your home. They often hide inside your home in carpets, fabric furnishings, pantries, and other inconvenient areas. They can also destroy the plants and vegetation in your yard and garden. The damage they cause is frustrating and can cost you a lot of money.


At Titan Pest & Wildlife, you will find the answer to all your pest control needs. Highly trained pest management technicians create customized services that provide the best pest protection. With over 10 years of experience, we will work with you to find the best treatment plan and budget for your situation.

Types of Beetles

There are around 1.5 million types of beetles throughout the earth – a staggering amount! Beetles are found in almost every kind of habitat, from freshwater to coastal habitats. They thrive wherever vegetative foliage is, from trees and bark to roots, flowers, and leaves.

More than 150 different types of beetles call Missouri home. Some of the most common beetles you’re likely to encounter in and around your home include:

Japanese Beetle
Banded Longhorn Beetle
Spotted Longhorn Beetle
Spotted Longhorn Beetle
Big Headed Ground Beetle
Black Caterpillar Hunter
Click Beetle
Clay Colored Billy Bug
Clay-Colored Billy Bug
Green June Beetle
Horned Passalaus Beetle
Asian Lady Beetle
Strawberry Seed Beetle
Ground Beetle
Stag Beetle
Striped Cucumber Beetle
Carpet Beetle

Beetle Habitats

There are many reasons why beetles may enter your home or property. Most of the time, they are looking for reliable food sources or shelter due to changes in the weather. Once inside, they will find a small, dark area to inhabit. They like attics, basements, furniture, carpets, and other wood furnishings. When outside, beetles are seen eating plant sources such as flowers, leaves, seeds, fruit, vegetables, mulch, and nectar. Different types eat fungus, feces, and animal fibers. This means your home or property might be the perfect place for beetles to call home!

How to Get Rid of Beetles?

When you spot a few beetles hanging around your home, there are some simple non-chemical solutions you can try to eliminate them. Some beetles can be removed by vacuuming or another means of physical removal. (Be sure to empty your vacuum cleaner in your outdoor trashcan.)

Inspect some of the things you buy before you bring them into your house. Avoid accumulating old furniture, wood, and fabrics as these things are attractive to some species. Also, beetles love moisture, so fix leaks and clean up drainage areas to keep from attracting them.

While some preventative measures may help, these primary strategies won’t eradicate your problem if you have a beetle infestation. That’s when it is time to call in the pest control experts.

Our expert technicians at Titan Pest & Wildlife will put together a specialized beetle treatment program to ensure your beetle problem is solved. Depending on the type of beetle infesting your home or property, specific treatment procedures and methods will vary based on the particular diet and habitat.

Integrated Pest Management System

Pest control is essential whether you want to protect your home or business. Utilizing an integrated pest management program ensures that we eliminate your current pests and prevent future outbreaks. These methods include:

  • Planning: We thoroughly inspect your home and consider any factors contributing to current or future pest issues. Then, we will create a customized treatment program specifically designed for your situation.
  • Initial pest control service: Our initial visit will focus on targeting and eliminating any current pest problems you have. We will ensure that any future issues are a matter of pest prevention.
  • Regularly scheduled service: At Titan Pest & Wildlife, we provide preventative maintenance programs to ensure your home is and remains completely pest-free.

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