Keep Cockroaches Away with These Roach Prevention Tips

Roach Exterminator St. Louis

Whether you own a home or run a business, remember it’s easier to prevent cockroaches than it is to get rid of them. To prevent a roach infestation, you must keep them from finding your home or business attractive. Roaches are scavengers looking for food, water, and a comfortable place to reproduce. Therefore, preventing roaches …

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Reclaim Your Yard with Professional Mole Control & Trapping Services

Mole Control Services St. Louis

DIY solutions are often expensive and time-consuming, and, in the end, ineffective. Protect your yard by partnering with a trusted mole control company. You may never see them, but you’ll see the damage they inflict on your lawn. Moles can quickly counteract all the expense, time, and hard work you put into designing and maintaining …

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What To Do If There’s an Animal in Your Attic?

Animal Attic Removal St. Louis

We offer a wide range of effective, safe, and humane solutions designed to protect your home and family from unwanted pests. We love our homes because they provide us with a safe, warm, dry place. Unfortunately, these are the reasons unwanted pests and wildlife like our homes too, especially the attic. It’s a dark, quiet, …

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Raccoons in Your Home – How Did They Get In and How to Get Them Out

Raccoon Removal St. Louis

From humanely trapping raccoons to cleaning up their waste and restoring your home – Titan Pest & Wildlife has you covered. Raccoons are urban animals that are far more common in cities and suburbs than in undeveloped natural areas. They are intelligent, curious, and agile creatures and won’t hesitate to break into a house when …

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