Home Invasion: Recognizing the Presence of Rats in Your Walls

Rat Pest Control

Scurrying, squeaking, or scratching sounds in your walls? Piles of droppings in your garage or attic? Gnaw marks on food packages or containers? These are all tell-tale signs of rats in your walls. Rats are unwelcome guests that can cause significant damage and pose health risks to homeowners. One of the most common places these …

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When Pests Won’t Leave: Reasons Behind Recurring Infestations

Pest Infestation Pest Control

Dealing with a recurring pest infestation is frustrating and challenging to handle. Call Titan Pest & Wildlife – we can help! When you discover a pest infestation, such as roaches or ants, you likely head to the hardware store for pest control supplies. These methods may work temporarily, but the infestation will return. Why won’t …

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