Common Pest Problems for Apartment Buildings

Apartment Building Pest Control

The key to having a pest-free apartment complex is regular pest inspections and a pest management program performed by a licensed and experienced pest specialist. Pest problems are a common problem for apartment buildings all year long. But as spring approaches, the change in temperature and environmental conditions introduces new pests onto your property. Insects …

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That Creepy Crawly Thing In Your House – It Might Be a House Centipede

St. Louis Pest Control

Our comprehensive pest inspection is the only way to determine the root of a pest issue and the best way to solve it. A house centipede is one of the creepiest things you might have seen crawling around your home. They are definitely strange-looking insects. They are slender, with what appears to be hundreds of …

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What Is Attic Restoration – Why Is it Essential After Pest Removal?

Attic Cleaning St. Louis

What does attic restoration involve, and why should you have it done by a professional attic cleaning company? One of the biggest problems with pest and wildlife infestations is the waste and damage left behind. If you have had pests in your attic, attic restoration is an essential part of a complete pest control solution. …

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