Seasonal Intruders: Common Insects Found in St. Louis Homes In Fall

St. Louis Pest Control Company

Trust Titan Pest & Wildlife to keep your home bug-free this fall. As the weather cools and leaves start to turn, St. Louis residents begin to prepare for the holiday season and the cozy indoor activities that come with it. But we’re not the only ones getting ready for the colder months—several types of insects …

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What Attracts Stink Bugs to Your House – When Do They Go Away?

Stink Bug Removal St. Louis

At Titan Pest & Wildlife, we can protect your home all year long from stink bugs and other invading insects and rodents. Stink bugs are known for two things: their pungent smell and their uninvited entry into homes. But what exactly attracts stink bugs into residential areas? This is a question that homeowners, particularly those …

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