What Are the Weird Little Bugs in My Pantry?


Knowing what you’re up against and acting swiftly can protect your stored food from unwanted invaders and ensure a pest-free pantry.

Discovering strange little bugs in your pantry can be quite an upsetting experience. These unwelcome intruders can infest your food storage and lead to significant inconvenience and frustration. Understanding these pests and how to deal with them is crucial for maintaining a pest-free pantry.

At Titan Pest & Wildlife, our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring that your home remains pest-free and your pantry stays safe and clean.

The Most Common Pantry Pests

Here are some of the most common pantry pests and tips for preventing and eliminating them.

Indian Meal Moths

  • Facts – Indian meal moths are among the most frequent pantry pests encountered. They are tiny, reddish-brown moths with distinctive copper-colored wings. Indian meal moths are notorious for infesting grains, cereals, nuts, and pet food. They lay their eggs in these food items, and the larvae can damage the products and create a mess.
  • Tips – To deal with Indian meal moths, inspect your pantry and dispose of any infested items. Store your food in airtight containers to prevent future infestations. You may also consider using pheromone traps to catch adult moths and break their breeding cycle.

Grain Weevils

  • Facts – Grain weevils, or granary weevils, are tiny reddish-brown insects that infest whole grains, rice, and other dry food products. These pests can be challenging to spot until you open a container and find small holes in your grains.
  • Tips – Discard any infested food and thoroughly clean your pantry to eliminate grain weevils. Store grains and cereals in airtight containers and check new purchases for signs of infestation. Freezing infested items for several days can also kill the weevils and their eggs.

Flour Beetles

  • Facts – Flour beetles are small, reddish-brown insects that thrive in flour, cereals, and other grain-based products. Two common types of flour beetles are the confused flour beetle and the red flour beetle. They can contaminate your food with their presence and waste.
  • Tips – Preventing flour beetle infestations involves cleaning your pantry, checking for damaged packaging, and using airtight containers. Discard any infested food items and vacuum your pantry to remove any remaining pests or larvae.

Rice Weevils

  • Facts – Rice weevils appear similar to grain weevils but primarily infest rice. They can cause substantial damage to your rice reserves if left unchecked.
  • Tips – To eliminate rice weevils, store your rice in airtight containers and freeze newly purchased rice for a week to kill any potential weevils and eggs. Check your rice for signs of infestation before use, and discard any infested bags or containers.

Carpet Beetles

  • Facts Carpet beetles are tiny, oval-shaped insects that typically infest stored products, including dried herbs, spices, and pet food. These pests can also damage natural fibers, such as wool or silk.
  • Tips – To prevent carpet beetle infestations in your pantry, store dried herbs and spices in sealed containers and regularly clean your pantry. Vacuuming can help remove carpet beetles and their larvae from the pantry.

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