Why Are Raccoons So Hard to Get Rid Of?

Our team of experts knows how to handle these creatures humanely and efficiently, ensuring your home returns to its peaceful, raccoon-free state.

If you’ve ever had the displeasure of having raccoons on your property, you’ll know that getting rid of these masked marauders is no simple task. From your garbage cans to your attic, raccoons can infiltrate various parts of your home, often leaving behind a mess of torn-up trash, property damage, and potential health risks. But why exactly are these critters so hard to oust?

Reasons They’re Tricky to Get Rid Of

Some reasons raccoons are tricky critters to get off your property include:

  • Raccoon Intelligence: A Class of Its Own – If you thought raccoons were simple scavengers, think again. These guys are clever! They possess an intelligence level that has been likened to primates. According to research, they can remember solutions to problems for up to three years. They have a knack for opening latches and climbing, and their highly dexterous paws allow them to manipulate objects much like a human would.
  • Community Over Individuality – Raccoons are very social creatures, often living in small families or groups. If one raccoon discovers your home as a convenient food source, they’ll likely spread the word. Suddenly, your raccoon problem isn’t limited to just one critter; it’s a full-on family affair!
  • Adapt or Die? They Choose Adapt! – Raccoons are the epitome of adaptability. Originally from forests, they have found homes everywhere, from rural farmlands to bustling cities. These bandits are just as comfortable dumpster-diving in an alley as fishing in a stream. Their flexibility in habitat choice and diet makes it difficult to eliminate every potential attractor.
  • Stealth and Timing – Raccoons are primarily nocturnal, which adds to their difficulty managing them. Their nighttime activity makes it challenging for property owners to catch them in the act or effectively secure potential entry points under the cover of darkness.
  • From Gourmet to Garbage: An Unfussy Palette – Raccoons are omnivores with a wide-ranging diet. Whether it’s fruits, small rodents, insects, or your leftover pizza, they’ll eat it. Their opportunistic foraging means they can sustain themselves on various food types, making cutting off their food supply extra challenging.
  • Fear of Humans is Limited – While raccoons are generally wary of humans, they are not particularly scared of us. In areas where raccoons have learned that humans present minimal threat, they can become quite bold, further complicating removal efforts.

How to Successfully Get Rid of Them

Dealing with a raccoon infestation is a challenge most homeowners prefer to avoid. Their intelligence, social nature, adaptability, diverse diet, and nocturnal lifestyle make them formidable adversaries. If you find yourself in a battle of wits with these clever creatures, your best course of action is to contact Titan Pest & Wildlife. We have the knowledge and tools to safely and effectively deal with your raccoon problem.

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