Why Do I Have Mice In My Home and How Can I Get Them Out?

We get calls from customers saying they’ve never had mice in their homes, but now they do. How did they get in, why now, and how can I get them out?

Is this your situation? If so, you’re not alone, and you’re not without a solution. Titan Pest & Wildlife offers a wide range of interior and exterior pest control solutions for the mice in your house.

Why Do You Have Mice in Your House?

Some homeowners get mice in their houses every year or every few years, while others have never had mice. Whether or not you’ve experienced this problem before, you likely want to know why you have them in your home.

Mice need two things – food and shelter. Your house is an obvious place to find shelter, especially in the winter when it’s cold. But what about food? How could you be supplying them with food?

First, you must determine what and where they can easily access their necessities. If they’ve found shelter, they’ve found a gap, crack, or crevice somewhere. And if they can also find food nearby, they’ll move on in.

How Do Mice Find Food In Your House?

First, mice need very little food and water to survive. Second, while most species prefer grains, seeds, and berries, they will eat just about anything. So all they need to find in your house is a few crumbs and a little water. Can you think of any areas in your home where they can easily access these things? If they are actively searching in your location and can easily access that area, you’ll have mice in your house.

How to Get Them Out

Most homes are not built to keep mice out. To permanently remove rodents from your home, you must prevent their access by sealing all entry points. It is also essential to eliminate all attractions, such as water and food. When you hire our pest control experts, we get to the root of your pest problem, seal all entry points, and take preventative pest control measures to avoid future infestations.

Don’t wait to have a pest problem! When you schedule an appointment with Titan Pest & Wildlife, we will thoroughly search your home to check for all possible entry points. Our pest control team will tailor a solution that’s right for you and your budget.

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