Does a Cold Winter Mean Fewer Insects This Spring?


This winter has been relatively cold, with temperatures dipping below freezing on several occasions. So does a cold winter mean fewer bugs this spring?

Unfortunately, homeowners and business owners will get little help from the bitterly cold temperatures. What actually impacts insect populations is not how cold it gets in the winter but when spring weather arrives.

This article will explain why and what you should expect this spring. And no matter what pest problems you experience, Titan Pest & Wildlife is here to help! Our team has over 35 years of experience as professional exterminators getting rid of pests for our clients.

What Bugs Do During the Winter

We don’t see them during the cold winter months. So what are they doing? Most insects survive the winter as eggs, pupae, larvae, or as adults if they find areas they can inhabit, such as bark on trees, leaf litter, or in your home.

Once temperatures reach 40 degrees or lower, insects can’t move. At 45 degrees, they begin to move, but only slowly. As the weather gets warmer and warmer in March, bugs start moving quickly and begin multiplying. However, if it stays cold until April or even May, insects will miss one or more of their population cycles.

How Moisture Affects Bugs

So cold temperatures are not as crucial to early insect populations. Longer, colder spring months definitely play a role. But what else? Moisture – the amount of moisture is an essential factor. Arid conditions are harmful to bugs and will reduce their populations more than cold temperatures.

Many insects live in the soil and depend on moisture in the soil to survive. In addition, a drought will reduce the number of plants available as food for insects that rely on them.

On the other hand, too much water can have a different effect. Insects such as mosquitoes need water to survive – the more water, the more mosquitoes. However, too much water will have a negative impact on certain types of ants.

Pest Control Services

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